mark 14:51-52

i have followed a crooked line

the gods have drawn. wild

horses stampede through my veins

like drumfire. i have slept in holes of

mockery and eaten from the table of

abandoned nobility. i dropped my linen

cloth and ran naked from gethsemane

without shame. my copulation

has been consistent with the prince of

peace. i scavenged gold from the wishing

wells of the romantic. i was never aroused

to swim in a river of surrender. i am

content to be an undaunted ghost,

ignoring the beauty of beauty. i

cannot deceive the truth that sleeps

behind my eyes. war is masturbating my

flesh tearing it from the bone in star

spangled dexterity. the wind slips past the

window pane and hides in my heart. i am

blessed with the chinooks while waiting on

black crows to deliver me my trespasses. i

curse the limits of my alphabet beneath his

crown of thorns. my testament quakes with

scripture. he crawled into my tomb and

removed the feathers of my sly deceit.

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