road trip

some say they will go to the gates
of hell to earn your love. sell their
soul to sleep between your legs. i
might drive to omaha or phoenix. i
can’t help but wonder if i would care
to love you if i had no soul. if i didn’t
love you, whom would i care to love?
would i abandon my sensual nature?
forget that the pleasures of lust are
the nature of my purity. would god
still dwell in my flesh? he is the fire
of my youth that still burns in my bones.
the nocturnal emissions of my dreams
have been his gifts of wisdom. my
journey is to touch the sky and if i meet
you there continue our intercourse. an
audience will invade our intimacy, and
to our delight applaud our manifestation.
it is a two day drive to omaha, four days
to phoenix.

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