appreciating exploitation

he stepped from the shadows
an androgynous pretty boy.
willing to be eaten by a
decadent, decaying mortal. i
saw the effeminate beguile
in his eyes. he moved cautiously
to satisfy his own image, with
no concern to impress others.
his style was not unique but
uncommon. he dressed in the
finest conceit from head to toe.
his flesh was hairless, his spirit
was naked. he was fabulously
lost, understood the code. with
prominent cheek-bones, full lips,
and long eyelashes his slim
torso would fit perfectly on my
hard-on. he will beg for domination.
his confrontation will be sarcastic.
his self-awareness is his vanity.
when the fucking war is over he’ll get
paid. i did before i started to decay.

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