daily mass

the sparrow and crow are flying

shallow. lightning has stolen the stars

and a doleful crescent moon. rolling

thunder grovels obscenely through

the lowlands. crimson king maples and

northern red oaks dance a scandalous

waltz. i feel this tempest in my eyes.

i was born into this twister never to be

appeased. too nimble to ever be discreet.

i saluted the crucifix to gain favor, but

prudently concealed my faith. my icons

are filled with glamour and flamboyance.

i took delight in the pierced flesh of

sebastian. i licked the tainted arrows

immaculate. praying is a slow train that

never stops. it has no place to go. i eat

my harvest from my zafu, amongst

disciples with no mission. i don’t practice

truth or lies. my war has no graves. i am

crawling to where the sun falls away. the

road is not confusing. i go there every day.

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