it can be complicated

where does my love come from? i

have lost love and found it many

times. why should i care about love?

if i do not know what love is why do

you want me as your companion? to

be naked with you. to touch you in

places you hide from others. to tell

you my imagination. should i swallow

you? you are lavender in constant

bloom. your scent calms my timid

concerns. you are the poultice for my

trauma. this is my infatuation, not my

attachment. i am not indifferent to

sorrow, mine or yours. the sin of a

broken heart is sent from the land of

enchantment. we heal with misery

and wretchedness. i cannot freeze my

zen in time or space. if you have not

tasted honey the flavor is an illusion.

it has no ambience or wealth. this

love of mine is filled with gluttony

and aversion to itself. you ask for it in

your sleep. are you filled with

hydrophobic dreams? could you be

the fountainhead of my love?  the

angelic, and the beast in my veins.

no, you are not my love, not the

genesis of my love, not its sanctuary.

otherwise you would not be free.

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