i have no time for memories,

ambitious or rigid. they are

a bouquet of imperfect flowers,

no essence to inhale, no aura of

pleasure. I am an impartial witness

to the present moment. eternity

is of no consequence. i do not

long for the days of yore. every

dream is without anxiety. my

erratic spirit smiles with each new

dawn. a conversation with a

fair-haired boy is always fresh,

every remnant delicious. each

syllable easy to swallow, like

an artesian well that flows through

my dale. no ghost can deliver me

from ethereal beauty or from the

evil of unpleasant creation. my

social grace accepts all indecency,

and rejects protocol. desolation spills

over a fortification of redundancy.

i choose to be no one’s favorite. i

pay attention to no never mind.

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