country dog

a city dog can get lost in
the woods. the only things
a city dog can do is dodge
fast cars on the street, find
a good supper in the alley,
and chase a city cat up a
tree. city cats are not like
country cats. a country cat
knows how to climb back
down from a tree, a city cat
stays up in that tree for days.
a good country dog loves
country living more than a
flea bag, tail-wagger likes city
living. summer cockle burrs
can’t slow a country dog
down. he is the mayor of his
neck of the woods. he guards
it better than a thousand horse
soldiers. a city dog hightails it
from his own shadow. a dog
in the country appreciates a
stranger passing through. he
can smell trouble a mile away.
a neighbor sees a country dog
barking as a good samaritan.
he is telling the world all
is good. he’s honest with no
faults. sometimes he might
have the stink of a skunk on
him but one thing for certain
is a country dog writes better
poetry than a city dog.

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