five days to heaven, and a

hundred miles to go. the

trumpeter blows good will.

discord he pulls from a bag

of wind. he is the seventh

angel with gentle intimacy.

he leads the way through

immortal sunrises, and

habitual sunsets. this stark

messenger serenades with

thunderbirds and coverts

with blue jays. saint francis

of assisi made a perfect

sacrifice. art inside of birth,

birth inside of art. he executed

secular gift giving. puritans

lynched mince pie. adam and eve,

noah, and the twelve sons of jacob

were there. so too ladies and

gentlemen, the bourgeois, pigs, and

sheep, ducks, dogs and cats, the

typical gypsy telling the future.

only from within the heart

can the baby jesus be stolen

from the manger.

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