everything is not visible


i am a sculptor chipping away

at my marble. the way of my

chisel penetrates the stone of

a self-portrait. every stroke is

premeditated murder. i am

donatello’s revealing bronze

david. an innocent and virtuous

youth, fixed on the shivering head

of the philistine. i wear nothing but

my boots and a hat with laurel

leaves. majestically naked.  my

silhouette will never hide from a

sunrise or run from the rain. there

are no flaws. there is no evil. the

dust of my labor is abducted by

the wind. scattered in moonlight,

pure and sweet. my independent

fancy spills out from an extraordinary

heart. it cannot be bridled or spirit

torn. i have climbed from a hole a

thousand miles deep. i will crawl

on cobblestone, a pathway to the

gate. beyond where poverty is not

suffering, nor solitude a journey. i

live deliberately without dire need.

desperation is the folly of a doleful

soul. tomorrow is just another day.


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