ode to my love

my mind’s eye has

seen your beauty.

my selfish ways

desire you.

not today,

nor tomorrow,

or generations

to come, do i

wish to find

you sad.

the burdens

of your heart i

gladly carry.

i will extinguish

the flames that

have burned

your spirit,

buried you alive.

we have been

baptized by the

stars. passion,

intimacy and



our sentiment.

i give you the

obligation of my

ashes. i taste

the sweetness of

your scars. i sing

to you in the lexicon

of a mountain

bluebird. there

are no seasons of

careless love. we

have emptied the

vault of heaven.

our appetite satisfied,

our bellies full.

the rhyme of this

ballad is my

alms to you.

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