highway six

i know the secrets of highway six.

where pretty boys go skinny dipping

without their girlfriends. where bad

boys shoot empty beer cans because

empty bud cans don’t shoot back. i

ride through the allegheny mountains

to gather my thoughts. i cruise the

backroads of amish farms to free my

mind. where the deer and the antelope

play. where the dogs run free after

black bears and for there lives afterwards.

twelve miles down the road is the

best chili dog with seasoned fries.

up the road are my neighbors with

no names. snowplows don’t roll till

5 a.m. only two county cops are

on duty at a time. bank robberies

are rare but it’s an easy get away.

every radio station plays dylan’s rainy

day women #12 & 35 because there

are no secrets out on highway six.


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