blissful ignorance

i’ve grown very quiet inside.

i understand the sadness of

success, the joy of sorrow,

the gesture behind stillness,

and the grace of war. music

from the dark side of the

moon leaves the sun crying.

the geometry of rain feeds

my gleaming inferno. my

inspiration drips from the

lips of my lover, who knows

i can’t hear a single word he

says. i’ve been on the bottom,

on the top, and in between

mr. jones and queen jane. i

have lost my desire to speak.

i’ve slept in the arms of the

saguaro cactus, my pillow

was the san francisco bay.

the disfigurement of law has

branded my brain with a

divine torture. i was born

into this. forever happy shall

i be? is not my question to ask.

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