born with a bird in my heart

i have no need for diamonds

under a star spangled night,

no urgency for gold waiting

on a shimmering sunrise. the

riches of my free spirit were

born in the heart of an old

world sparrow. i feed on

seeds sown into loathsome

clay, sleep in climbing roses

undisturbed by their thorns.

i am not ashamed of anything

i’ve done. my weakness is to

curse my propensities. i wish

to waltz with leaves of trees.

never be another minute

younger than i am, never

hesitate to exonerate the

falcon. i’ve mated with seasons

not fit for man or beast. i’m

dependent on the bending

of the wind. my only possessions

are the feathers of my wings.

there’s nothing hiding inside

the smile of moonlight. i will

kiss it again before i fly away.



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