i fell in love on april fool’s day

if you find me sleeping in the

blueberry bushes, don’t wake

me. if you see me walking,

don’t offer me a ride. my coat

is missing buttons and my boots

are wearing thin. wintertime

is melting, and i’m looking for

the sun. i’ve lost it before and i

can find it again. this time i’m

not going to plant my seeds too

deep in the garden, or chase the

crows from the corn. the bees

will  be making honey, and i’ll

be letting them be this time.

i’ve been writing down names

to give to the daffodils and

crocus. mama bear and her

twins will be passing through

soon, getting closer to the

brokenstraw. i’m not going to

sell myself short, or rob another

bank cause i’m hungry. march is

about over and it’s going to be

raining every other day. the

thunder will tell me i’m still in

love. i’m not just anyone’s fool,

i’m his.


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