who is knocking at my door?
knocking, knocking and knocking!
stop your rhythmic knocking.
knock, knock a knock knock, knock.
i am not here.
are you a stranger, my neighbor,
a compassionate crony concerned
with my carcinogenic thoughts?
a disciple with a presbyterian spirit.
a pirate to steal my gold, a contemptuous
love here again to exhaust my heart.
why are you wrapping on my window?
i am not here. i am ignoring you.
leave me alone. i have no pocket
change for your bastards. i have
not asked for your visit, or asked
for you to bear the iniquities of my
ways. i cannot look into the eyes of
your german shepherd face. your
monogamous life is boring. you are
trespassing against my will. your
boldness does not frighten me.
take leave from my door, you mongrel.

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