deal me in

her name escapes me, her beauty
means less. without suspicion, i
joined her behind the veil with a
undefiled innocence. my heart
craved a spontaneous emancipation.
a laying on of hands to bless my
sorrow. for this i paid my shameful
pittance to meet the mapmaker of
my destiny. he was to bring me
masquerading dragonflies. show
me angels are near. speak to me
of clarity arriving with grace and
ease. tell me i am divine, i walk
a path unique to my human form.
there is no stronger desire than to
live a life in the fate of one’s own
experience, joined with a soul mate,
a companion to medicate my
inclinations, to confront my zest.
i must thank the high lord of gratitude
and service for the awareness of
each breath i take. in his hands he
holds the sons of god, fair-haired
messengers. oh, bittersweet humility,
selflessness and action, it is you that
makes me affluent in my poverty,
intoxicated with a lust for life. i will
be content that happiness and tears
are synchronized with equality. i
must hide my face from those i
comfort, my name erased from
their lips. i am no martyr, there is
no pain when i share my smile.
high on the wire is the hawk prince.
i will not question his visit. he asks
if i am listening. he manifests my
journey. in the conversations of
strangers he speaks to me. he
has flown into my life with good
news. this is the magic of nature.

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