rambling buzfree

i walked past heaven’s door,
beyond the gates of hell, and
the milky way to get here. i
danced with mary of fatima,
slept in indian caves, and
listened to the hymns of the
gothic. i hear the bells in my
blood thirsty brain. the tartness
on my eager beaver tongue has
left my eyes a brilliant red. my
butterball heart is filled with
dead dogs. if i heard it once, i
wish to never hear it again.
when i dance its always a
waltz. i have found the zendo
that always leaves me laughing.
i have kissed the floor. blessed
are those that have never
crossed my path. we will be
friends forever. i cannot say to
those i love, i will love forever,
because i have no thoughts
or feelings on how long
forever is. i will share my
cigarettes with them because
it’s good manners. this may
be the last time i give it all
away, before i get buck naked
on the algarve beaches of
libson, portugal.

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