nothing was revealed

they were reading “the view

from pompey’s head,” ted

williams signed with boston

again, for papa a bowl of nigger

babies and nigger toes were on

the dining room table. the ides

of march was clear and cold, no

snow on the ground. on the

yankton reservation twins were

born. a satisfied sister, and bohemian

boy guilty of curiosity crimes. he

found his meaning in a blade of

grass. three years later he watched

the president of the united states

get his brain blown away. two

years later it was “like a rolling stone”

on a south dakota farm. every heart

was filled with war. a 56 ford got

them to nebraska. a small town of

small people with smaller heads.

he fell in love and cried real tears.

chased twisters on the edge of town

and learned to dance. the catholic

nun liked his poetry of pluvius and

the epithet of the hyades. he took

long greyhound rides out of the

closet, then back again. love took

the boy from the streets of omaha

to the end of a fishing pole. with a

kiss and a joint came years of obscure

seasons. from in and out, top to

bottom, an arizona dream came true.

he ran naked with wild horses

and skipped through saguaro

cactus flowers. he was released

in san francisco to be whoever

he wanted to be. he married in

palm springs, after a thirty-year

courtship. buddha joined the

conversation. people died, cats

and dogs died, many times over.

sadness captured the soul.

monsoons brought appalachian

aspirations. reality was collapsing.

he drove the east bound highways

to nowhere. a better place to be.

he wrote his name in an empty sky.

the bucks followed his does through

the forest. the future has not

been revealed. the past is nothing

more than a shadow in the dark.


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