stoned to death

i removed my crown of thorns,

washed the blood from my eyes,

and my wounds began to heal.

i pulled the nails from my hands

and caressed my incarnation. my

heart beats in the eye of a hurricane.

my ears listen to the sounds of

darkness and the reverberation

of the day. how much better would

i be, to have never been born? my

ambition is to extinguish the six

realms of my desires. my human

beast will not be born again. my

yearning for love, power and

recognition is buried in the graves

of the hungry ghosts. grief is the

lamb of heaven and hell. i am

slaughtered by my own arrogance.

my passionate nobility is reckless. i

cast out myths and parables so that

i will know peace, joy, and confidence.

my bones today are not my bones of

yesterday. when i am stoned to death,

i will always be a wave in the ocean.


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