buddha lives in a shagbark hickory

how does the blackbird

know my name?

high on a wire he has been watching

my obsessions.

i begin my day by caressing the butterfly milkweed?

the bird’s mobbing call is to protect me from its poisons.

why do i whisper to the red hibiscus?

why do i never curse the thunder and rain?

my own confusion i assigned to this bird.

he finds it curious my chanting the lotus sutra.

away he takes wing to the shagbark hickory.

he begins his own harmonic hymn,

just for me to inspire my pleasure.

happy would i be to sit with you blackbird,

well-hidden on that arm of the tree.

blackbird, you see the world differently than i.

lucky would i be to join your war on the hawk.

on your wings may i ride to kiss the sky?

teach me your song blackbird, i will sing

it with you.

i bow to you, blackbird,

without knowing your name.

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