i would kill the cat for him

he was sound asleep when

the cat snuck up and stole

his breath away. the cat

became buddha, and he

continued to dream loud

dreams and quite dreams.

i could be a thief and steal

a kiss from him. crawl under

his blanket and warm my

flesh on his. i will do the

time for the crime. if i wake

him i will feed him olives for

the gods of mount olympus,

and almonds for conjugal

happiness. when we walk

through the forest he will

be the trees. if we wade in

the alleghany he will be the

current. there are secrets

behind his eyes. he hears

voices no one else can hear.

he wins every war no matter

how bloody, pulls out cancer

by the roots. he has turned

the super moon inside out.

when he is silent thunder

rumbles. i accept this polite

torture of my desires. i will

kill the cat if he asks me to.

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