some days

my dog doesn’t have any balls

but he humps my other dog

all the time. i once planted

an oak tree that grew upside

down. my chickens all speak

german. smoking a cigarette

isn’t the worse thing i ever

done. i know what love is, i

never loved america. you can

sit in the dark just by closing

your eyes. there would be

more believers if jesus served

bacon with his wine. it’s sad my

self-worth is what someone would

pay for it, it’s sad i must earn a

living. i wonder if i was the only

person on earth what would i

bitch about. when it rains you

should never use an umbrella.

butterflies have rested on my

shoulder and whispered sweet

nothings into my ear. dead

people are the only people that

can be heartless. some people

think i’m dead.

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