dead and buried

it is too quiet here, no one to talk

to, no one to sing with, no one to

dance naked in the trees with

obvious delight. there is no one

to give chase, no one to torture

or torment me. there is nothing

left to be revealed? i am bored

with the underground. less are

the challenges between darkness

and light. my bones are crumbling,

how long do i wait? will i be a

nova again? will i have flesh to

burn again? could i have the brain

of a giant? will i grow wings of a

sparrow, or a crow? a fragile

messenger gave me pause, i licked

the flattery from his lips. he crawled

into my veins and whispered into

my ear that “nothing,” is more

divine than gold and oil, and

“nothing” is worth nothing at all.

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