between my ears

inside my skull there’s a canyon,

with white granite walls that

touch the sky. a jubilant river

flows through it like the blood

in my veins. in its rampant

current i have written my name.

every star in the sky is born by

the tick of my heart. the secrets

of this place are mine. any

trespassers are left blind, their

tongues removed. the crayfish

are my patriotic brigade, a gift

from my own hallowed innocence.

all the driftwood floating by are

my memories. my bed is a black

bear. he caresses my dreams

while magpies patiently wait my

demise. i have shared my flesh

to keep vagabonds warm and

i’ve fought and won the wars

with the shade of perpetual

darkness. i have heard the

echoes rolling for days in the

canyon between my ears. my

treasures are buried in my skull

like a dog buries his bones.

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