he had rainbow eyes,

sunflower ears, and

four leaf clover lips.

he walked like a cowboy

with ballerina feet. he

looked for peace inside

war and love inside

hate. he found cruelty

of sunshine and the

bitterness of a full

moon. each breath

he took was somewhere

between sweet and sour.

he meant no harm when

he kissed himself goodbye.

now he’s swimming with

the blue whales and he’s

never coming back. he

had no alternative but

to be honest. there are

those that will pay him

no never mind and

continue their conversation,

of a murder of crows

and roadkill. a lazy eyed

buddha will laugh about

it to himself out loud.

blessed are those that

no longer fear the waves

of the sea.


there are no dreams

on the mountain top.

no nightmares in the

lowlands. the bells of

freedom are no longer

ringing. prejudice has

calloused the eyes of

the eagle. the sun has

disappeared from the

brown cloud fever. the

man in the moon swallowed

gun powder and the stars

are dripping with his

blood. a snake is singing

halleluiah on the white house

steps to a dead jesus, and

the holy ghost doesn’t

give a damn. buddha is

contemplating the nuclear

option and muḥammad

is trying to get it up

for some fake virgins.

in these trying times it’s

good to have some

blueberries to pick.