morning coffee

i fell into a maze

as the morning dove

sang her masterpiece.

i saw brown skinned

boys undressing

themselves for me.

and girls as boys,

tougher than nails.

peru ruled the world

in silence. isis sucked

the tongue from my

throat. everything was

blessed with dignity.

no one was born and

no one died. every

question had an answer.

a blue sky could rain.

the belly of the boys

were never hungry.

every tree was blue

and its forbidden fruit

sweet and juicy.

the heart’s only desire

was to beat out free

verse. every lost

creature found a

den. every tear had

a rainbow. the valley

sparkled with peace.

as the sun rose high

the dove took flight.

starvation left

bellies bloated.

everyone died.

the day was dark.

i went to work.

monday’s meatloaf

when the river is swift,

too deep,

and the shore is too far away,

you die.

when the warnings are heavy rain,

strong lightning,

and there’s no rainbow when it’s over,

you die.

when the sun disappears,

the moon is broken,

and heaven is not in the sky,

you die.

sometimes can be a long time,

or no time left,

and darkness is begging,

you die.

when glory was expected,

is stolen,

and the glass remains empty,

you die.

on yesterday’s leftovers,

mold grows,

and the brain eats itself,

you die.