my politics

i don’t want to be white.
i want to be black, brown,
red, yellow, maybe green
or blue. on bad days i
believe in god. on good
days i thank buddha. i
have two faces. the
brightness of the moon
and the darkness of the
sun confuse me. i eat
hamburger, spiders, french
fries and snakes. i float on
cumulus clouds. drink
from dirty artesian wells.
everyone has someone
they want to see naked.
every morning i give
my enemies new names.
i talk to friends on the
phone. we promise each
other a cup of tea. i put
all my desires in
alphabetical order. at
easter all hell breaks loose.
i will see you then.

sometimes i sit by the highway

a big bus roars
by on highway six.
followed by sand to
cut my eyes and
black smoke for
me to swallow.
they think i’m
charlie manson.
i know i’m woody
guthrie. i watch pickups
chased by american
flags, pickups chased
by confederate flags.
i sing there are no
shinning seas or purple
mountains anymore.
my heart desires to be
full and empty, sad
and happy, sour and
sweet. my soul is silk.
my soul is steel.
sometimes i pretend
these things.
sometimes they
are real. jesse james
stops in a rusty falcon.
says get in partner
before it rains, where
you going. nowhere
i said and thank
him for the ride.

Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg – Vomit Express.mp4

Authors bookstore In Warren, Pa.

They give you 10 to 15 minutes to read your poems. I forgot some in the car so only shard for 7 minutes. This was my first time here and I think you can tell I was nervous because I did not know the audience.

literal timber

another day comes. yesterday
a season of a thousand years.
wildwood enigma of boyish
youth, barbaric innocence
tangled in thorns of carolina
rose. tumbling together like
wintertide saplings. life
everlasting brought to her knees,
leaves liberated from the limb.
playing gentle beast with the
lamb. over flowing lakes of
hate disseminate. the third eye
never sleeps. blood of my
valentine occupies my veins. old
world must be uncomplicated.
oppressed? extract eminence of
the hinterland. be polite to the
thunderhead. aurora may be
hiding her face. we are
enlightened in kisses. join one
hand clapping in kinship.
deliverance is not contemplated.
we bloom exhausted. fossils of
flesh exalted. amber waves of
grain ripen. forsake me not
dulcet voice of red maple. he
tumbles in your harmony. i
stumble on his vitality. acclimate
to the nautical day we mate.
trumpet vines we cling as

spirit of the law

had a conversation with the spirits of the
twilight in a tongue i understand. they know
my lies are desperation. some call it prayer,
or the weed again. it’s quiet meditation of
rolling thunder in a blue sky. i inhale
menthol ozone that fills my lungs. i’m a
concrete buddha dogs piss on in a forest
looking for trees. i have no plan of sacrifice.
creatures have eaten my face. swallowed
my soul whole. drummers drum a march to
the sea. i panic in bottomless wells. in
my sadness there is jubilee, in pain there is
rejuvenation. i listen to beat poetry on the
lips of kings. sweet grass purifies my
corruption. i just get bored. my circumcision
is the mutilation of my religion. spill my
ashes in a field of wild blooms. i dance with
commands from the winds. disappear like
second hand smoke of a glowing crucifixion.
i have swallowed blood and eaten flesh of a
thousand jew faced gods. hail charles
bukowski full of grace. my spanish boots
slide across the floor. my chest is pierced by
talons of the raven. if i anger you i
am satisfied. to sewer rats i am a poet
resonating necessary evil. salt of earth
devouring intuitive rhyme. blue is the new
white, red is the new blue, white the new
red of patriotic dead. moses used shock and
awe. i feed on buffalo wars. johnny comes
marching home on bum knees. on earth
as it is in heaven lou reed sings ride sally
ride. reclaim the millionaire’s pocket
change. fly with butterflies. sleep in
cardboard hotels. i pledge no allegiance
to awkward america for which it stands. we
fuck mother earth like a big breasted
whore. i write alley cat verse from one
bastard to another. i rest my head on a
granite stone. i am a crystallized sonnet
tattooed by the twilight in so many words
they cast upon of me.

new neighbors

butterfly rest your wings
your day has been long. black
bears are waking, coming
for blueberries. the sun makes
room for the moon. i must
give time for another honest
thought. i have a maniac mind
with revolutionary dreams. i
feed you and you feed me.
no bourgeois allowed. we
pray for neighbors with chants
and bells. bow our heads for
justice their lords prayer brings.
we desire no turquoise or gold.
we share fried dandelions and
white bread. magic romance
born from oxygen we breathe.
we understand the loyalties of
our faith. our purpose blends in
harmony. peace and quiet
explodes from lips. it comes
and goes. shadow people and
angels protect our families. rain
softens blankets. thunder frightens
the dogs. empty conversations is
thrown away. my beat red eyes bid
them good-bye. on a dirt road
tomorrow we will tip our hat and
offer a hello smile.


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