god fearing bottom

my brain vibrates. my skeleton
floats. demons chase me down
highway 6. the hallowed name
deserted me. i drank his blood
like wine. swallowed his kingdom
cum. he stole my beat poetry.
interrupted my free verse of
unrepentant teabag queers. i
licked a naked man dry. betrayed
his religion with a kiss. shaved
his flesh with purified spit. as in
heaven i sucked his juices as he
took mine. we pledged no allegiance.
i escaped liberty to be free. we
fucked each other in halleluiah
fashion. his intrusion drained into
my veins. candles flickered for
gang bang saints. sin was twisted
bouquets from worlds far away.
volcanic gods ejaculated snakes
of superstition. i tongued his ass
and chanted her rosary again.

leaving phoenix vulgar

my bohemian heart has no home.
lawrence ferlinghetti fed me rice
and beans. my imagination was
built with communal hands, i was
blown with dog day lips, fucked by
heavenly pink comrades on gritty
beaches. fascists are smuggled
inside profane prayer. dylan was a
hound asleep on my lap. he put a
grenade in my brain. i hallucinated
when he died, coordinated his birth.
a hobo never begs. i eat blueberry
shit from sparrows. drink from mouths
of snakes. seek refuge in dark moon
shadows. put my cock in tawdry asses
of crucified queers. back and forth,
side to side i churn butter. i desire
nipples on highway 6. be soft to those
that trespass against me. if i accept
the sun i cannot chastise the rain. i
am a bukake angel. saying fuck you
is a good thing.

if i say so myself

the heart of a godforsaken outlaw
sings. he is gracious when i bleed. i
suck on his lips and harvest his seed,
i ease his hunger and listen to his songs.
he hammers nails into my brain. takes
my oxygen away in deep water. rolls
like thunder and rapes with the wind.
a master of my wars he commands.
my ugliness will do for the woods. he
employs my cock and balls. i find
refuge in being a vagina to devious
hoodlums. they tolerate my affection
for slavery. he dominates their juices.
we dwell in a valley of naked snakes.
their poison a delicious delight. i am
an instrument of freedom and a really
good fuck.

putting a worm on a hook

going where the sun
is tender, the moon a
smile. partners in crime
hiding in the sky. our
purity explodes into
a million stars. what’s
a man to do ‘cept run,
jump and fall. magic
heals everything broken.
demons hang from the
tallest trees. if we met
we never knew them.
we have no reason to
pretend, no lambs to
sacrifice. dark clouds are
superstitions of deceit.
we have everything we
want. ask for nothing
more or anything less.
pompous stones are
crushed by a babbling
creek of the meadow.
crazy joe lives in the
shadows. we will learn
to fish again and
understand the danger.

giving stuff away

i caught his echo behind my lips
and swallowed him. we exploded
from the rivers to the little
broken straw. our sinlessness
ricochets down hwy 6. satellites
whirled across the sky. our home
will be made in warren county.
we have heard the bells. breathe
out jesus, buddha and hell. beat
our drums in a chaotic harmony.
cattails hide our appetite. city walls
dissolve behind boundaries of
pines. we will be crippled and
mended. teach, and be taught
ways of warren county. waltz
like slow rolling stones in a
sermon on the mount. everyone
is dead or dying but i’ve broken
no bones. my intentions are his.
maricopa amputated the spirit.
we follow the wind as we were
born, back to warren county.

open mic

there are no goodbyes.
i am a poet infused.
masturbating to an
audience. ejaculating
words on them. some
swallow my verse.
i touch your nipples and
fondle your balls. spread
yours legs, you are poetry.
a poem infused. i see you
unconcealed in songs. the
privacy of you nakedness
betrayed. from a
schoolboy rhymer the
stage is infused.
chivalry is our conduct.
the dancer’s hard on is
infused in my mouth.
each of us hears our
applause. we fuck each
other twice. this is my
second sunday religion.
lali practices what he
preaches. flipside infuses
my flesh with tunes. our
intercourse blossoms. i
will be infused with you

evil twin

if i never met evil
would i recognize peace?
know tears of sadness
and joy. kiss boys and
girls. separate dark
from light. divide
elite from greed. part
the hunter from the
prey. my nakedness
is discreet. will i trade
my sparrow for the hawk?
i breathe oxygen in the
ocean deep. was it evil
when my day had no
sun? i rescue the murder
of innocence. will i know a
difference from sweet and
sour? i have swallowed ash.
venom of the snake cures my
ills. evil lurks in my veins.

paying the rent

from my ashes will come
new flesh and bones. my
eyes twilight, my lips
shining. a spirit naked
inside and out. guardian
of craving and purity. i
am his communion. he
finds me devious, the
body of christ. he kisses
my boyhood hard. tits
of steel crack my teeth.
i trace holy mother
tattoos. his cock kindles
my puberty. he will
savor my new seed.
i feel him flow in the
valley of my paradise.
he erases my suicide.
carpenter hands crush
my balls. i allow tears
of indulgence. i will die
a hundred times to be
his virgin and utilities

desolation rolling stone for phillip hennrich

there’s no difference in a
dylan song and a good blow
job. i bottom when a solo
harmonica comes around.
i watch for the naked man
coming into the room.
i found heaven’s door at
motel 6. boots of spanish
leather get me harder than
grand coulee dam. i don’t
mind being a cock sucking
infidel or the groom still
waiting at the altar. i like
fucking when a hard rain
falls. i crawl out the window
when the sad eyed lady
comes home. thomas paine
taught me to masturbate.
queen jane showed how
to suck dick. he paints his
masterpiece in my throat.
he rings my bells with an
extra inch deeper. i never
feel pain like a little girl.
i’m a big girl now. he wears
a wolf man disguise in a
long black coat. he kisses
my third eye that i grow
for him. like the titanic i
sink to my knees at easter.
i repay the favor and make
a mess out of him. he expects
the same. sometimes i’m
like everyone and just
get stoned.


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